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8 Unlikely Places To Inspect On A Used Car Before Purchasing

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While you shop for used car sales, it's always important to check out the basics like the engine, transmission, and vehicle history report. There are also places that you may never think about inspecting. By taking an extra close look at the car you are about to purchase, you can ensure that the car you're getting is the one you expect.

As you shop through used car sales, it's important to keep the following inspection options in mind. When talking with a used car dealer, they can often help you with a majority of these small tasks.

Spare Tire

The tread and air pressure on the car is a given inspection priority, but it's also important to consider the fifth wheel of the car. If your used car is supplied with a spare tire, ensure that it is fully operational in case of an emergency. It's fine to pull the tire out and make sure it's in the best condition possible. While you look at the spare, check for the proper car jack tools to switch out flat tires.

If the car has a tire patch kit instead of a spare, ensure that you have enough liquid goo to fill up the tire if there is a flat.

Special Lights

Along with checking the brake lights and headlights, ensure that the vehicle has properly working high beams and reverse lights. It's nearly impossible to check reverse lights on your own, so this is where a little extra help from the dealer can come in.

As you check for lights that are completely out, check for dim lights too. By replacing them early, you can drive safely and prevent any tickets for improper lights.


Working heat and air conditioning is important, but all of the vents in the vehicle can become an attraction to pests if it's been sitting on the lot for a while. Use a bright flashlight to examine the vents and look for any possible mice or rat nests. It's also a good idea to look under the hood and between components.  If anything is found, an air compressor can help remove the nests and debris.

Gas Cap

A loose or worn down gas cap can cause a check engine light and reduction in gas mileage. Ensure that the gas cap can secure tightly. Look for rust and worn areas on the actual part of the car where the gas cap goes in. Luckily this is an easy fix if there's a problem.

Seat Covers

If the car has seat covers, it's a good idea to remove them to check the condition of the real seat underneath. This can help you ensure that there are no major tears, cigarette burns, or other damage to the car seat.

Glove Box

Do a double check of the glove box to make sure no personal belongings were left behind. In many cars, there is a gap behind the glove box where small items may fall. Check this area for any important documents, CDs, or other small objects.

Child Seat Gear

Transporting children is important. Check the back seats of a used vehicle to make sure that all of the safety harnesses and latches are in place. If you currently own a car seat, it's a good idea to bring it with you and make sure that it can connect securely. You do not want have to deal with this problem in the future when nothing can be done about it.


Examine the keys of the car to make sure they are in good shape. Watch for any bends or weakness in the key. Many dealers can help you get fresh copies if the keys are too worn for use.

It may seem like a lot to consider, but all of these short inspections should take no longer than a few minutes for each one.


2 April 2015