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How To Turn A Commercial Truck Into A Home

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Are you interested in joining the tiny house movement? It is growing in popularity, and is an excellent choice if you want to live more simply, have fewer bills, and reduce your impact on the environment. The tiny house movement is so popular that there is even a reality TV show about people who live in tiny houses.

There are a lot of different materials you can use to make tiny houses. Most of them are very inexpensive and allow you to live mortgage-free. You can also make the inside of your tiny house as luxurious as you want it, regardless of what you used to build it.

One method of building tiny houses that is popular among those who like to travel is using a commercial truck. A commercial truck can easily be converted into an RV, which is essentially a tiny house on wheels. Here's how to build your own mobile tiny house out of a used commercial truck.

1. Get a Used Commercial Truck in Good Condition

Call around to used commercial truck dealers or look at online classified ads for commercial trucks for sale. A semi truck makes an excellent tiny house. It has plenty of space inside, a tall ceiling, and can be driven nearly anywhere. It can also be parked for extended periods of time in campgrounds and other public places that allow it.

With a few additions like retractable steps to the front door and an awning, a semi truck can look quite attractive when it's parked. Just make sure the truck is in good condition with no rust, no mechanical problems, and no dents you can't pop out with ease, and you've found the framework for your new tiny home.

2. Add Electricity and Plumbing

If you want to use traditional electricity run by a generator or the truck's engine, get a professional electrician to install it for you. According to OffGridWorld,com, you can also choose to use solar panels on the roof of the truck for power.

Plumbing should be traditional RV plumbing that connects to a water tank under the truck that you can empty and re-fill as needed. Be sure to install the electrics and plumbing before doing anything else to the interior, because you will be building walls over those parts to hide them.

3. Cut Out a Front Door and as Many Windows as You Like

Using welding tools, cut out the outline for a front door and windows in the sides of the truck. You can add a skylight to the roof if you want one, too. You're limited only by your imagination here.

Once you have the holes for the doors and windows cut out, add glass and frames for the windows and install a door. The door should be on the side of the truck to make it look more like a real house. Get a retractable set of steps from the front door that you can use to enter and exit your home.

4. Decorate the Inside of Your New House

Once you've got the basics set up, make the inside look as nice as you want it. Put wood frames up on the existing walls around the wiring and plumbing, and build interior walls to make individual rooms. Add insulation, then top it off with paneling, plaster, or wood walls, according to your preference.

Do the same thing to the ceiling, then add flooring. Paint if you prefer, or go with a more natural look. After that, all you need to do is furnish the interior, and you're ready to move in and go on mobile tiny house adventures.


Having a mobile tiny house made out of a used commercial semi truck is a wonderful way to indulge your love of travel and live with very few bills. If you are planning on joining the tiny house movement and want a mobile house, this is an excellent material to choose as your house's frame. Your tiny house is waiting, so call around to find the used commercial truck you need to create it.


9 April 2015