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What New And Innovative Truck Features Do You Need?

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Competition in the full-sized truck market is heating up like never before. Anxious to grab market share, truck manufacturers are increasing towing power, enhancing fuel economy, and providing a luxurious and technologically advanced ride, like some features in the new F-150. With so many new features to choose from, how can you decide which you need -- and which you can live without? Read on to learn more about some of the changes that have come (and are coming) to the truck industry, as well as which may hold some advantage for you.

All-aluminum bodies

In the past, trucks have often advertised the strength of their steel-bodied design -- with commercials demonstrating rocks, mallets, and other heavy implements striking the truck and bouncing off without even the hint of a mark. However, federal guidelines governing fuel economy have required truck manufacturers to look outside the box for ways to help minimize the weight (and therefore the energy needed to move) these vehicles.

One such innovation is an entirely aluminum body. While certain sportscars and high-performance vehicles have taken advantage of this strong but lightweight metal for years, trucks have only entered this market recently. However, in addition to providing increased fuel economy and handling ability, these aluminum bodies may also be safer than comparable steel-bodied trucks. 

If safety and fuel economy are important qualities for your next vehicle, you may want to investigate those that have recently released their first aluminum-bodied design.

Exterior cameras

Another innovative safety feature is the installation of multiple exterior cameras around the perimeter of the truck. While rear-view or backup cameras have been commonplace for the last several model years of most full-sized pickups, some manufacturers have expanded these cameras to include bird's eye cameras that will allow you to merge into traffic or make tight turns with ease.

Some new trucks even have cameras that include a "guide line" to help you line up and place your truck's hitch underneath a trailer (without requiring an extra set of hands and a guide spotter). For those who often find it necessary to hook up a trailer while traveling solo, or at night, these cameras can be invaluable. 

Tailgate steps and other assistive devices

If you dread climbing into the bed of your truck, help is on the way -- in the form of retractable tailgate steps and kick-down side steps. These steps fold neatly under the rear of your truck when not in use, but can be kicked down with a toe (helpful in situations when you simply don't have a free hand). These steps can provide you with an easy and simple path to the bed of your truck that won't require you to crouch, hoist, or risk tearing your pants.

These steps can also be handy if you're actually tailgating, by providing a sturdy additional surface on which to place drinks or do prep work.

Cargo and bed lighting

If you've ever accidentally left your lights on overnight, draining your battery by morning, fear no more -- today's LED lights not only sip (rather than guzzle) energy, nearly all are on automatic timers to help avoid the inadvertent battery drain. Your new vehicle should beep at you upon your exit if you've accidentally left a light on.

These energy-sipping LED lights are also in more locations than ever before on the 2015 and newer truck models. Now you'll no longer have to worry about how you can use your truck's own lights to illuminate the cargo you're loading in the bed at night -- you'll instead be able to see clearly by the light of the LEDs surrounding the cargo bay.


12 May 2015