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Synthetic Oil Vs. Organic Oil: Which Fares Better Against Conventional Oil?

Automotive Blog

Of all the oil products you could use in your vehicle, which do you think is best? There is synthetic oil, which is oil manufactured from conventional oil, but has been refined several times over and additives have been, well, added to it. Then there is conventional oil, which is a fossil oil that has been refined only once or twice after extracting it from crude oil. Then there is the organic oil, made from corn. Confused yet? It does not stop there, since each has its own benefits over the other. If you were going to make any sort of comparison, try synthetic against organic as the power agent over conventional oil.

Synthetic Oil

If you look a synthetic oils, there are a lot of them. For instance, you could buy AMSOil wholesale, which is a synthetic oil made in Wisconsin. You can get it much cheaper than conventional oil, it is cleaner burning, and leaves less of a oily black mess in your engine than conventional oil does. It has to adhere to strict standards of production. Otherwise it is too close to the natural "parent" product.

Additionally, synthetic oil does less damage to the environment. It produces less toxic fumes, and it can be recycled and reused after several more refinement processes. It is the oil that keeps on going.

Organic Oil

Organic oils, like bio-fuels, can only be burned and used once. Once your car uses them up, the oils cannot be collected and recycled. It is the same as setting an ear of corn on fire until it becomes ash. One and done, burnt to a crisp; the ear, and the oil, is gone.

Ergo, while many people tout the fact that organic oils and bio-fuels can protect the earth and be a continuous resource for the automotive industry, not much can be done to reuse the ashes of burnt organic oil. There is also the small issue of the rare number of vehicles that can actually utilize organic oils and bio-fuels. The cars that can and do use these products are extremely expensive, and with the limited access to these organic/bio products, they just are not that conducive for the average person's use.

Which One to Choose?

If you are the average consumer, you want the oil that your car takes and uses well. Yet, you also want something that is not going to produce a ton of pollution, or cost a fortune to produce. That only leaves one answer; the synthetic oils.


12 October 2017