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How To Tell If You Have Tire Problems

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Every car needs its tires in great shape to avoid potential problems. Tire problems are not just limited to the tires either, since they can have effects that extend to damaging other parts of your vehicle or can be caused by existing issues. Here are some ways to tell if you have tire problems that need to be addressed.

Toe-Heel Tread Wear

If your mechanic says that your tires have toe-heel tread wear, it means that the tires on the front have more wear compared to the tires on the back of the car, or vice versa. This can easily happen if you do not rotate your tires, but a suspension issue may also be responsible for causing it. Replacing the tires won't fix this problem unless you address the cause of it. Consider adding a tire rotation into your regular vehicle service, and have your suspension looked at for problems.


A feathering problem can happen when the edges of the tires wear down faster than the rest of the tread. You can determine if your tires have this problem by touching the center of the tires and comparing it to the outside. Does the tread seem deeper along the center when compared to the edges? If so, your tires have a feathering issue.

Feathering can be fixed by correcting the suspension problem and rotating your tires. The tread will eventually even out as the center part of the tread wears down over time.


Running over curbs and potholes on the road can lead to tire bulging. Be aware that this is a major type of damage, so you should act on bulges as soon as you notice them. This is due to a tire being more at risk of having a blow out if there is a bulge in it, which is not safe for whoever is driving in the car. Have the entire tire replaced as soon as possible to avoid a potential problem.


Tires that are balding can occur because a bad shock absorber. Your mechanic will notice the issue and likely inspect the suspension. If they identify a problematic shock absorber, they'll make the repair to address the issue. Balding is happening because the shocks are causing the tires to have more road contact, which is not good for the tires' overall health.

If you think that you have a problem with your car tires, reach out to a local mechanic to have them inspected.


14 May 2019