Birds And Windshields: The Cost Of The Fatal Meeting Between These Two


Birds and windshields typically have a very violent relationship towards one another. Birds can cause serious damage by leaving their droppings on a windshield. However, the windshield can kill the bird if the animal can't get out of the way and hits it. What kind of damage does this cause the windshield and how much does it cost to repair? Sometimes, Birds Can't Avoid Cars So why do 80 million birds die by windshield impact every year in America?

18 June 2017

3 Surprisingly Simple Tips That Can Save You Money On Car Repairs


If you're a car owner, you have to budget for occasional car repairs. It doesn't matter how carefully you treat your vehicle, parts will wear out and need to be fixed or replaced. It can be expensive, but you may be paying more than you really have to. There are a few tricks that can help you save money on routine car repairs, and they're easier than you may think. All it really takes is a little knowledge and preparation on your part.

8 June 2015